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Behind the Scenes work during Lockdown

As we all know, adhering to government guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19 has unfortunately meant that we aren't able to operate our usual outreach services.

We take some reassurance in that each Rough Sleeper in Birmingham has been offered temporary accommodation by the council, but we know that this will not last forever and that we will be needed more than ever one the Social Distancing restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime we are still working away behind the scenes to keep ourselves up to date and ensure that we can offer support in the future.

We have a new website to interact with the public and offer a 'Front Page' to show those who are interested in our group and what we do. Additionally, the website holds a variety of documents and policies that are useful for volunteers - if the Lockdown boredom has hit, give them a read and refresh yourself on Outreach best practice!

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